ToolpostBot was inspired by ShitpostBot 5000, a Facebook page which posts randomly generated memes every half an hour. So, the only logical next step forward was to create a bot which posts the Whoever This Guy Is He Nd Asshole video with randomly selected music played over the top every half an hour. So, here's ToolpostBot, featured on Facebook and Twitter. The original @ToolpostBot Twitter handle was suspended.


Created by epic gaming related ironic shitposting page Gaming Time

Old Patrons

A massive thank you to those who donated to the ToolpostBot project while the Patreon was still a thing. Remember, they made this bot better!

Special thanks

Daniel Wallace, for hosting the website

Nick Pollett, for helping out with some backend development (especially voting)

Stack Overflow, for being stuckup cucks who downvote me all the time

Anyone who is a admin/mod (people with a moderator badge next to their name)

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